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Dear Marvel,


Hi. Today, I encountered a couple of things re: your giant media empire that kind of pissed me off. And this is Tumblr, so yea verily, I shall talk about them.

1) I was at Target this morning (buying Frozen. OMG YAY FROZEN) and I ended up next to the entire endcap…


I currently have two Black Widow action figures.  I had to check every single Target in the Twin Cities area multiple times to get them.  Heck, I was in the Target in downtown Minneapolis yesterday, where all the Target Corp people (and all the business people that work in the downtown area) are constantly picking up toys for their kids, and there was not a single female action figure.  No Storm.  No Sif or Spiderwoman or Captain Marvel (please give me Princess Sparklefists!) or X-23.  No Emma Frost, no Jubilee, no Stepford Cuckoos or teenage Jean Grey. 

I have a tinyperson friend who would love more Black Widow toys.  She’s going to save the world when she grows up.  She takes gymnastics to ‘be like Black Widow.’  She looks longingly at my comic books, but there’s no age-appropriate Black Widow anywhere at the moment.  Heck, she likes to play with my hair because it ‘looks like Natasha’s!’ 

Marvel, you’ve got a chance to double your demographic.  You’ve got a crowd of 3-9 year old girls who know all the Avengers and are longing for Black Widow toys and gear.  And those girls have parents and aunties who want to encourage their love of superheroes and have money to spend.  By getting Black Widow into the hands of these children now, you’ll have them in comic stores later.  You’ll have live-long fans saying “Make Mine Marvel!”

This is a no-brainer, guys.  Give us our Black Widow. 

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Natasha’s breath catches and it’s not the smoke that burns her lungs but the memory of water, and air so cold it makes the throat sting. The memory of a silver hand in hers, the sensation of running her fingers through his hair so strong its like an urge she can barely repress. She knows this man, down to the soles of his boots she knows him. 

Eyes above the mask offer no hint of recognition. She bites the inside of her lip, hard, drawing blood.

Of course. Scrubbed clean.

Time to move, Romanoff.

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